• Chef Michel, General Manager Malcolm & Jean Christophe Novelli
  • Chef Michel, General Manager Malcolm & Jean Christophe Novelli
  • Michel, Paul, Malcolm & Jean Christophe Novelli

Jean Novelli Drops in to Albright Hussey

In May 2009 our Head Chef Michel and General Manager Malcolm were once again invited by HEFF to partake in cooking demonstrations at the West Midlands Show to promote local produce.

The star attraction of the show was Jean Christophe Novelli, and during their time on and off stage the three got chatting and it turned out the Jean had heard about the Albright Hussey and in fact, he had actually requested to stay with us, but unfortunately we were fully booked that weekend.  On the last day of the show Jean requested that he wished to visit the Albright Hussey Manor before he returned home.  I was amazed that such a busy Celebrity Chef had time for us, but true to his word and after all his public duties were over he arrived at the Albright Hussey on Sunday evening.

He arrived with his Sous chef and Driver at about 7.30pm.  Michel had already quizzed his Sous chef as to what Jeans favourite bite was and it turned out to be Steak Sandwich, with Dijon Mustard and French Fries.  Jean was very enthusiastic about the hotel and genuinely wanted to have a full tour.  I was honoured and very proud to show him around and he loved what he saw.  The evening was a perfect summers night, and we were all able to sit on the terrace overlooking the grounds and the Shropshire hills enjoying our delicious steak sandwiches.  The verdict from Jean on the quality of the meat was “perfect, it’s like butter”, our response was “that’s good local Shropshire produce”.   To follow Michel presented us all with a platter of fine Local cheeses.  It was a truly cereal evening for us all, sitting on the terrace sharing a beer and cheese with Jean and his team, while listening to his stories about Marco and Gordon and the old days.  At 11.30pm we said our farewells’ and as he parted he declared he would be back soon.  We all look forward to that day very much.

Paul Subbiani